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Hey guys! So I just completed a run of designs I'm calling "LightSpace," based on actual Hubble images of nebulae and galaxies - treated and processed to look somewhat like watercolor paintings. It comes from an earlier attempt to do actual watercolor paintings of nebulae, but I just couldn't improve on nature :) I also opened up a shop at Society6 to display and produce them.

The designs are on dozens of products from art prints to t-shirts to iPhone cases to shower curtains. I hope you'll take a look and share or purchase if you find something you like. Enjoy!

Click the image to visit the store!

Click the image to visit the store!

Apollo 11 Mural

Just completed this kickass wall mural for a friend over the weekend. It was a great, fun, collaborative and at times tedious process that yielded a great result. Hope to do more soon!


Cabin Stream

Just a little speed painting based on another speed painting that I quite like from DeviantArt. I tried to paint it from memory, and I couldn't recall the exact process, but this is as close as I've come. 1.5 hours in Photoshop. Hope you like it!

Cabin Stream.jpg

TR Woodcut

This is probably my new favorite drawing I've ever done. It's part of my TR Frankenstein Adventures pilot, wherein a sensationalist newspaper reports on TR's encounter with zombies with their own, wacky depiction of the living dead. It pretty much turned out exactly as I pictured when I wrote it :).

TR Woodcut.jpg

U.S.S. Doomseeker

A little bit of concept art for The TR-Frankenstein Adventures. I added a little bit of animation to it, but not really worth the hassle of uploading it. Done in Photoshop in just under four hours. Enjoy!


Archer Selfie

Decided to learn my way around Adobe Illustrator by doing a self portrait in the style of Archer. I recently learned that they draw all their characters in Illustrator (and animate in After Effects!!!), so I set about learning more about how that's done, as it might be a good way to get some animation done in the future. Thoughts?


The TR Frankenstein Adventures - Pilot Title Page

Spent the weekend on this. If this series comes to fruition, I'd love to have the title card for each episode done like the title page of those old Sanborn Map Company maps that are from around the same era. So beautiful. I did what I could to capture it (time permitting) and included my main characters as well. Doesn't it make you want to see it? :)


Title Page.jpg

Threadless: STFU,D

Just submitted this design to Threadless' Big Lebowski contest, and it could really use your help to get printed. I think it could really tie an outfit together...


Island City

Just another study. Spent a LOT of time on this, so I can't give a count of hours, though probably 10-12, and it's really not even complete, but I'm done with it :) Was mainly studying buildings, though I did make some progress on clouds and mountains as well. Getting better with the lasso tool, too.

Cold City Morning

Another little 2hr speedy just to practice some techniques. Mainly buildings, using stock textures, morning colors and different sunlight angles. Also using more selection tools in my speedpaint process for cleaner edges. I think it was successful on most fronts :)

Cold City Morning.jpg

New Writing Section!

Just added a new writing section to the site where you can get brief synopses of some of my written work - including spec scripts, original scripts and the novel I published in high school!  I've even included links to some pages (generally the first act) of each script for you all to check out.

I'm thinking of adding a page of scripts that have been produced, but right now all I've got is the Robotboy script, and video is already in the "Animation" section for your viewing pleasure. I guess you can see why I ended up focusing more on my artwork... :) 

I will most likely add the script for my current pilot project to the Originals section shortly, as well as adding some more concept art from that project to this blog as I create it. 

Tanks for visiting!

It's Alive!

In honor of (and as a necessity for) my upcoming Frankenstein project, I finally managed to summon all the elements of heaven and Earth to bring my computer back to life! :D

More updates and art to come, now that everything's back in its right place :)


Live from Squarespace...

Hey, art fans!

Just moved my portfolio from my old self-designed and hosted website to this great new Squarespace site. It's a lot less flashy, but clean and easily updatable, so keep watching this space for my latest works and production updates.

Also, I'm still putting on the finishing touches, so please let me know if you find anything that's not working properly, or if there's anything else you would like to see!

Thanks for visiting!